Fascinating Learning Factory Mission

Fascinating Learning Factory is committed to  making educational media relevant and engaging.   Advances in communication technology are happening faster than ever and it is imperative that they are quickly adapted to education. Our mission is to find, develop and provide high quality educational programming for children age 9 through adulthood, utilizing the latest in technological innovations for educational purposes.

Vastly expanded cell phone capabilities, i-Pod™s , social networking, along with other Web-based activities, have changed the way people of all ages communicate.  We tailor our educational materials to incorporate these technologies in order to more effectively communicate with people. Seamless integration of new developments in education resources and communications technologies ensures that programs can be easily incorporated into the lives of a diverse audience.   Accessibility is key, and we strive to make elements of every project accessible using all appropriate and available technologies.  

But technology alone will not suffice. We will develop support materials to increase each program’s value further. This programming will be available for both classroom use, as well as on “the net” or "on-air" for the greatest possible impact on the learner. We will provide curriculum enhancements for teachers, but the programs will be within reach of all students, regardless of their access to technology.